Just a short incomplete list of chapters to come, they will be close to that order as the years go by, but many will be added. I know there will be over 120 chapters to be released for the first 14 years of my life, then for the rest of the 30 plus years to date probably 3-400 more. For now please start reading the chapters and commenting and sharing, I am attempting to raise funds for the next 3-5 years so I can do all this. If you are interested in a serious gofundme to help, the link is on the My Trapper Mom blog. Just click on ‘Donate’ to learn more. Thank you in advance.

Chapter Nine
‘Outhouse Car’

Chapter Ten
‘CB Radio’

Chapter Eleven
‘Pup Chupper’

Chapter Twelve
‘Kitty Fishing’

Chapter Thirteen
‘Brothers Again’

Chapter Fourteen
‘Breaking Trust’

Chapter Fifteen
‘The Ice-mare’

Chapter Sixteen
‘Strawberry Fields’

Chapter Seventeen
‘Sorens Flip’

Chapter Eighteen
‘Broken Skidoo’

Chapter Nineteen
‘The Skinning’

Chapter Twenty
‘Stomping Moose’

Chapter Twenty One
‘Crayfish Tub’

Chapter Twenty Two
‘The Beating’

Chapter Twenty Three
‘Piper J3’

Chapter Twenty Four
‘The Sailboat’

Chapter Twenty Five
‘Thicker Blood’

Chapter Twenty-Six
‘Dandelion Wine’

Chapter Twenty Seven
‘The Ancient Bows’

Chapter Twenty Eight
‘First Satelite’

Chapter Twenty Nine
‘Toboggan Boy’

Chapter Thirty
‘Moose Nose or Beaver Feet?’

Chapter Thirty-One
‘Moms Snow Shoes’

Chapter Thirty-Two
‘Tanning & Smoking’

Chapter Thirty-Three
‘Big Grey’

Chapter Thirty-Four
‘Momma’s Pike’

Chapter Thirty-Five
‘Cutting Ice’

Chapter Thirty-Six
‘Learning Trapping’

Chapter Thirty-Seven
‘Stocking Wood’

Chapter Thirty-Eight
‘Gillnet Gone’

Chapter Thirty-Nine
‘Going To Town’

Chapter Forty
‘The Boat Flip’

Chapter Forty-One
‘Bye-bye Chupper’

Chapter Forty-Two
‘Moms Chainsaw’

Chapter Forty-Three
‘Bad Kitty’

Chapter Forty-Four
‘Silver Derringers’

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