Welcome to My Trapper Mom, the amazing true story of a woman, who through blood, sweat, and tears, raises a little boy against all odds, in the remote wilderness of northern Ontario, Canada.


Mom passed away from MS in January 2000, way to young at age 54 and long before I could share my work with her. For over thirty-five years I have jotted down notes, scribbled chapters and kept them safely in a case.

One summer of 2015, that case was stolen from our truck overnight, along with many other precious memories, including the only picture I had of mom, and twenty years of our own children’s photo albums.

We were in the process of relocating from Vernon BC to another city for work, and we had no idea until a few days later that someone had crawled into the back of our truck and stole that case.

This has been, to say the least, totally heartbreaking and a major setback.

Both my wife and I suffered a lot of burning tears, and sadness, as those albums contained pictures of all our six children as they were born, and then grew up. There are no picture memories to share with them now.

We never got back those items, and obviously never will, but in my heart remains all the autobiography chapters, all the events and such that I grew up to during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Rebuilding my autobiography is a lot of work, time and money, which I have little of. But it must be done, it will be done, or my name is not Kevin. Mom always said I was stubborn, she was right for the most part.

You will find that you or anyone else can read for free, all of the chapters, as I add them of course. Enjoy!

And that is why I rely on donations from the stronger hands of communities, to help me finish this for the family, and for everyone just like you.

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Thank You for your kindness.


Kevin P.

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